My first post, on my new site!

My first post, on my new site!

My old portfolio website looked like this 👇

Kumar's Old Website

Yea, I see it looks nice and cool, but I had to change it all.

That website was bloated with a combination of jQuery and React 😂 Can you believe it?

Also, it didn't have a blog. I tried adding it there, but it was a failed attempt.

I faced weird bugs like background image not loading and stuff.

Confession: The previous website's code was created using mbrise page builder. I just took the code and React-ified it. And so, fixing stuff was hard. I didn't even know jQuery.

I didn't have the time to rebuild my portfolio website. I was creating a side-project.

I was looking for open source code already available.

One fine day

Telmo open sourced his awesome website. I am really thankful he did it.

He used the below stack.

  • Next.js
  • Markdown

That's it. It was easy, minimal, supported dark-mode, and was more content focused. Exactly what I wanted.

I used that open source project in my website. You'll see many similarities in his and my website.

Final Thoughts

From now on, I am gonna post my content on this fine good-looking website.

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