Kumar Abhirup

I founded my first company (Beam Community, Inc.) when I was 16,
and successfully exited after running it for two years.

I am a 19yo Software Engineer, having built many projects in past, I am on a path aiming to solve humanities' most pressing issues, in an iterative fashion, starting from most trivial things imaginable.

Led a hackathon team in Korea Blockchain Week in August 2022, and won 2nd place at two hackathons for judiciary.app, spent three months in Nonce Korea hackerhouse in Seoul, South Korea. I am in the evergreen process of learning, and I am loving it!

Currently, Software Engineer at Airchat ⚒ī¸

hey@kumareth.com īš’ Resume

Work Experience

    Project - Airchat
  • Airchat

    Software Engineer, August 2023 - Present
    On the web, on the iOS app, on backend architecture, on everything, learning as much as I can in the process :)

  • Project - Deva.me
  • Deva.me

    Founding Engineer, February - August 2023
    We aim to provide everyone a second voice, and create a massive supply of automated representative intellect that shall transcend into new learning experiences for the masses.

  • Project - Serendipity
  • Serendipity

    Software Engineer, August 2022 - Februrary 2023
    Serendipity approaches Note Taking in a whole new way, by focusing on People, not just Notes. It is a note-taking app that helps you remember the people you meet, and the things you learn from them, and creates you a beautiful looking network graph.

    Pair coded with my teammate, and shipped the MVP in just 10 days (Next.js + Node.js). It was like a hackathon on steroids. Worked on the entire stack: the frontend, the backend, and all the business logic. Shipped a Mac Desktop App for Serendipity power users.

    Worked hardcore, extensively on perfecting the D3.js Advanced Network Graph mechanics. Shipped insanely complex CRDT based collaborative editing using a wide range of technologies.

  • Project - Monument Labs, Inc.
  • Monument Labs, Inc.

    Product Manager & Web 3.0 Developer, December 2021 - August 2022
    Monument.app is a Blockchain Start-up, which helps create collections of significant moments within a creator's journey. Each moment is represented by a collectible NFT that can be bought and owned by a creator's closest supporters. Creators share their stories through minting new moments, financially enabling them to pursue their dreams.

    As a Full-stack Web 3.0 Developer, I helped create all the Monument Smart Contracts currently deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet. Wrote and thoroughly tested the Monument ERC721 NFT Contract (got it audited back and forth by professionals), and the Monument Marketplace Contract that supports buying & selling of NFTs and manages its auctions in a secure fashion.

    As a Product Manager, I managed a team of 5 developers working on the Frontend, Backend, Web3 & the Monument iOS App. I brought order in chaotic times, and helped the company ship its MVP in a month using Scrum & Agile methodologies.

  • Project - Beam Community, Inc.
  • Beam Community, Inc.

    Founder, Former CEO, March 2020 - July 2022
    Recent Update: I found this company when in 10th grade, and it has recently got acquired, sold it in July 2022. I no more run this company.

    It is the Substack for SMS. It is a SaaS service that enables companies and creators to connect to their fans via text, and also enables them to earn money via subscriptions.

    Built entire product from start to finish, used tools like React, Node.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, Websocket, Twilio, AWS EC2, AWS SES, Git, Cloudinary on production.

    As a founder, not just managed technical aspects of the company, but also Design UI/UX, Growth, and Product Management.

  • Project - The Generative Press
  • The Generative Press

    Side-project, January 2023 - Present
    The Generative Press surfs on Twitter and popular news sites, also reads latest tweets by verified citizen journalists to learn about latest happenings live, and then, our very own home-grown AI personalities write the news after gathering all the context. It's automated from beginning to the end. No editorial team, no human intervention, only news.

    Made this with my colleague Danielat Serendipity in a weekend.

  • Project - The Judiciary Protocol (judiciary.app)
  • The Judiciary Protocol (judiciary.app)

    DAO Attorney & Protocol Architect, December 2022 - Present
    The on-chain contract creation & signing protocol for businesses and individuals, with in-built escrow functionalities where the participants can choose their judge for the escrow wallet.

    My team and I created this during the Korea Blockchain Week 2022 EthSeoul & Filecoin-Moralis hackathon (won $8k in grants). Teamed up with a consultant from Bankless Consulting to turn this project into something big.

    Worked on the protocol & led the team entirely from idea to execution — Solidity, React, Next.js, Wagmi, Ethers, Chakra UI, on all fronts.

  • Project - JoinMyCall
  • JoinMyCall

    Side-project, June 2019 - August 2019
    This app makes your colleagues take a connection/camera/mic test before joining a call. Hosts can create infinite JoinMyCall links to invite guests in meeting. Guests can either skip or do the connection test.

  • Project - bulk-mail-cli
  • bulk-mail-cli

    Maintainer, December 2018 - March 2020
    A command line interface (cli) application that sends automated and dynamic emails to your email list. It recieved thousands of installs on NPM, and a good response on GitHub.

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