Kumar Abhirup

I founded my first company (Beam Community, Inc.) when I was 16, and successfully exited after running it for two years.

I am a 20yo Founder and Engineer, having built many projects in past, I am on a path aiming to solve humanities' most pressing issues, in an iterative fashion, starting from most trivial things imaginable.

Led a hackathon team in Korea Blockchain Week in August 2022, and won 2nd place at two hackathons for judiciary.app, spent three months in Nonce Korea hackerhouse in Seoul, South Korea. Lived in the Bay Area building Airchat with Naval. I am in the evergreen process of learning, and I am loving it!

— Co-founder of Merse.co (YC S24)
— Founder itsbeam.com (acquired)
— Previously building Airchat with Naval.
— Moralis Filecoin Hackathon 2022, Public Goods Track Winner
— EthSeoul Hackathon 2022, Public Goods Track Winner
— Nonce Korea 2022 Fellow
— Joined The First Residency Cohort
— Granted $5k by David Senra of Founders Podcast, to go to the major FoundersOnly conference in Austin, Texas.

I write here.

hey@kumareth.comīš’ Twitter

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